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Professional Editing, Proofreading, Design and Distribution Service

PenWorks Publishers was established by individuals from varied backgrounds in the publishing world as an answer to the question: Where does one find a quality publisher willing to work with new authors? We believe there is a wellspring of unpublished talent stalled for not knowing where to go once a work is completed. There are many companies to choose from. Which one is right for you? If your work is accepted by PenWorks Publishers, you will enter into a partnership of excellence. Our purpose is not merely to publish a book, but to create a work that speaks before the first word is read and leaves a lasting impression once finished. You provide the raw material; we provide the expertise and craftsmanship to refine and present a finished product you will be proud of. At PenWorks, we choose our authors as carefully as writers choose a publisher. We look for original works that tell a good story, or well researched non-fiction. Our authors receive individualized, personal, and professional attention through each step of the publishing process. When you work with PenWorks, you will find the relationship of mutual trust and respect that must exist between an author and a publisher. We are committed to honoring your work, from start to finish, as the achievement it is. For more information about working with PenWorks, contact us HERE.