Professional editing of your manuscript is essential. It is sometimes difficult for writers to think their work can be improved on, and most writers shudder at the thought of another person “messing with” their words.

But if you consider the fact that even our most widely-published authors have editors and rely on them, perhaps you will turn a kinder eye toward the editing process. Great writers are not necessarily great editors; inevitably, writers lose objectivity. Editors are, if nothing else, objective.

Editing requires a particular gift of clarity and insight, not to mention up-to-date knowledge of ever-changing trends. Be assured that, to the extent possible, our selected editors will give you the courtesy of first re-write on any section deemed to be in need of change. Our goal is not to produce something you never intended to write, but to chisel away at anything that detracts from the lucidity and strength of your manuscript.

By selecting editors you can work with in a one-on-one setting, authors can be assured of a personalized experience. You can meet with your editor and resolve issues more quickly than anyone could over the telephone. The key to personalized service is close proximity, and the human element is what sets PenWorks apart.

We are discriminating about our authors, and we cannot guarantee that your manuscript will be the right match for PenWorks. Our selection process does, however, take into account what your book can become, and not only what it is at the time of submission. If your manuscript is accepted at PenWorks, our editors will facilitate the mutual goal of a finely written and marketable book.