PenWorks is looking for Editors with access to projects.


PenWorks Publishers is looking for editors with access to new authors

What do we mean by that? If you are an editor who knows of a potential client, we want to know about it. If PenWorks is able to sign on your writer as a client, we will pay you a headhunting fee of $200, and try to keep you together with that author as their editor to earn up to $1000. Because PenWorks matches authors and independent editors on the basis of experience, location, and skills, we cannot guarantee you will be hired as an editor, but helping an author to publish their work professionally and the headhunting fee are certainly worth a simple phone call or email. What do you have to loose?

By getting in touch with PenWorks with a potential client, your resume and work sample will be added to our roster of potential editors, so the next time an author needs an editor, it could mean more work, more books with your name listed as editor. We are looking for editors throughout Upstate NY and Pennsylvaina who are close to their authors geographically. A key component of our service is the proximity and access of a good author/editor match. We want our authors and editors to meet many times throughout the process, preferably in person, but there are other options. This facilitates greater communication that is productive. And PenWorks provides structure and project management based on experience to move the book project to completion.

Note: Editor applicants cannot submit their own writing as a candidate as editors cannot edit their own writing. Unless you wrote a book, got amnesia, went to school for English, became an editor, and then found the manuscript. Then that would be a great story, and we definitely want to hear about it! But no, you cannot edit your own book. Please be aware that PenWorks Publishers Inc. reserves the right to decline to publish works submitted for any reason.